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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes you need a little help from your breastfeeding friends! Blew are some frequently asked questions around our products and courses. Still not finding your questions and answers? Don't worry, were here for you! Contact us and we'll be in touch. 

  • Do I really need a class to teach me how to breastfeed? Won’t I just figure it out?
    Yes, it is possible to successfully breastfeed without taking a class, but the truth is the majority of new moms struggle with one or more breastfeeding issues and knowing what to expect and how to prevent or address issues can make a huge difference in your postpartum experience.
  • Will I still need to work with a lactation consultant if I take breastfeeding bootcamp?
    You might! Oh my goodness, we love lactation consultants. Our courses are not meant to replace their just-in-time, hands-on expertise that can be invaluable for troubleshooting a specific issue or confirming an effective latch and milk transfer. By taking Breastfeeding Bootcamp you will have a better idea of when to contact a lactation consultant for targeted support, and you will be able to prevent and troubleshoot many common issues on your own.
  • Can I learn as much from an online breastfeeding class as taking one in-person?
    It certainly depends on the class and the instructor but many new moms find an online course where they can go at their own pace, revisit videos, and refer back once baby arrives much more valuable than a one-and-done in-person class.
  • What topics will be covered in the Breastfeeding Bootcamp?
    Breastfeeding Bootcamp will cover a broader range of topics including: latching, holistic choices, nutrition, mental health, relationship health plus more! These topics are what differentiates the course from other traditional breastfeeding classes offered by a hospital.
  • Should I take a breastfeeding class if I’m not sure I want to breastfeed?
    We think so! Breastfeeding Bootcamp will help you understand the range of baby feeding options and the benefits and challenges of breastfeeding, so you can make an informed choice. You’ll also learn about postpartum nutrition, mental health, relationship health, and pelvic floor health, which is relevant no matter what your baby feeding strategy ends up looking like.
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