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Hey mama,
Are you feeling scared or worried about breastfeeding? And all the unknowns of having a baby?

That makes sense!

With the mixed messages you are receiving at every turn, how could you not have some confusion, worry, or even fear? Your partner reassures you that everything's going to be fine, which you appreciate, but it'd be nice to talk to someone who can validate these very real concerns and provide some guidance and resources to help you feel more prepared. It's hard to make a plan with all the unknowns of having a new baby, but don't worry, one of my favorite comedians, Ali Wong, has summed it up perfectly with her "Breastfeeding is like Parallel Parking" explanation. Have a listen :) (but not at work! She drops at least one f-bomb).


In 2946 interviews [of new moms] ...92% percent of participants reported at least 1 breastfeeding concern at day 3.


Image by Ksenia Makagonova

Okay, so it's not exaaactly like Ali describes, but you get the idea. Breastfeeding is a completely new experience and without any preparation it can be really confusing and challenging. Even with preparation there will likely still be challenges, but with the right tools and support, you've got this. Just like parallel parking :)


If you'd love to get the inside scoop on what it's really like to breastfeed a new baby, what baby registry items you actually need for nursing and pumping, and which are a waste of money, keep reading! You deserve to have your questions that are top of mind for you and your partner answered so you can start to plan for how you'll achieve your breastfeeding goals.


Of course, you could try searching out free resources online, that's a great start. But it's tough to know what you don't know, and most of what you find online is focused only on the mechanics of breastfeeding. What about the impact on your mental and emotional health? Sleep, nutrition, relationships, and career? Maybe some real stories and experiences from a variety of other moms who have been through it? Uh huh, you deserve all of that!


You could attend an in-person or virtual live course, but what if you can't find a convenient time, miss something important, or don't get to ask all your questions that come up after the class ends? Not everyone learns well in a lecture-style class; in fact many people do not.  

That's why we've created a better way -- a  highly curated, engaging, comprehensive, self-paced online course that you can access starting today, and refer back to until the day you wean your last baby :) [Actually, you can stay longer and continue to mentor the new mamas in our community!]


As a bootcamp member you can attend live group coaching sessions because learning to breastfeed really is WAY better with mom friends! 

And in between group sessions, your breastfeeding coaches are available in the course community to answer questions as they come up for you. They can also provide concierge recommendations for other holistic, prenatal and postpartum services and resources.

Try Before You Buy

Free Course Preview

When you join Empowered Breastfeeding Bootcamp™, you are investing in health and wellness for your entire family.  


This self-paced, hybrid, community-based program is guaranteed (for real, 30-day money back guarantee) to help you:

  • Begin your breastfeeding journey from a place of calm and confidence.

  • Use specific latching techniques to establish your breastmilk supply and support nipple and breast health. 

  • Troubleshoot common issues.

  • Prepare your partner for their responsibilities in establishing successful breastfeeding.

  • Identify resources and support professionals that will help you meet your health and wellness needs now and in the future.

  • Set boundaries with family, friends, and medical providers regarding your postpartum body and your baby. 

  • Identify which baby registry items will truly help with breastfeeding and which are a waste of money.

  • Make informed, compassionate choices around nutrition, movement, and ergonomics for your postpartum body.

  • Connect and share with other women in the same season of life.

  • Navigate your new identity as parents.

Is this what you need right now?

Having a baby is a big deal. Your hopes and dreams for the life you will create for your family are a big deal.  We get that! That's why Empowered Breastfeeding Bootcamp™ is designed  teach you the information and skills you need to make informed decisions about not only the breastfeeding stage but well beyond that as baby grows and new parenting challenges arise. Specifically, learning to feed your baby is an opportunity to practice tuning in to yourself and your baby, which are foundational skills for creating a peaceful, collaborative home. 

Hi, I'm Emily!

And I can't wait to meet you.

I'm proud of you for getting this far -- you want the best for your baby, your partner, and yourself. I can relate! Figuring out how to birth and breastfeed each of my 3 boys felt like a DIY project every time!  You may have noticed that the current state of breastfeeding education and support provided by standard prenatal care...pardon the Maybe that's harsh. I should say, it's very medicalized. And for those of us who take a more holistic approach, we know there is a mind-body-spirit connection involved in every aspect of growing, birthing, and feeding new life. I've poured my 15 years of experience designing online courses and lots of love into this program, and we're always working to improve it. Feedback welcome! ​I've spoken with SO MANY moms who share that they were NOT PREPARED for breastfeeding and would give anything to go back now to give their new mom self compassion, information, and support. I created Empowered Breastfeeding Bootcamp™ for you, so that you may have that compassion, information, and support for YOUR journey. Hopefully when our babies are having their own babies, that will be the norm! For now, it's something we have to take into our own hands (sometimes literally, hand expression for the win!) and demand better.  

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