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The Breast Online Classes & Community for Nursing Mamas



of new moms surveyed report at least one breastfeeding concern at day 3.


of participants reported an increase in breastfeeding knowledge and confidence after joining Breastfeeding Bootcamp.

Breastfeeding Bootcamp Online Course

You want to know how to get a strong start to breastfeeding once your baby arrives, and you'll have a lot of  new questions as your breastfeeding journey unfolds. That's why we've designed our courses to be on-demand and filled with essential resources and information from a collection of professionals, who address your top questions about breastfeeding and what you need to know to feed your baby.

You will also learn skills you may not even realize you'll need for your breastfeeding journey, like setting boundaries with family, friends, and medical providers regarding your postpartum body care and decisions you make related to your baby's health and well-being.

Avoid the Top 5 Breastfeeding Mistakes

Learn what the top mistakes are that can decrease your milk supply and how to avoid them.

Achieve an Effective Latch and Comfortable Nursing Position

Learn and apply effective latching methods to boost breastmilk supply and ensure nipple and breast health.

Create a Support Plan

Create a plan to protect your mental, physical, and emotional health as a breastfeeding mother.

Feel Confident Seeking Help

Find confidence in seeking help when you need it and advocating for your baby and breastfeeding goals.

Find Confidence in Your Breastfeeding Journey

When you join Empowered Breastfeeding Bootcamp, you are investing in health and wellness for your entire family.  


These expertly-designed, self-paced lessons are guaranteed to increase your confidence around baby feeding and care.


Member Benefits

  • Troubleshoot with Ease: Get expert guidance to address common breastfeeding challenges.

  • Partner Involvement: Prepare your partner to actively support your breastfeeding goals.

  • Access to Resources & Support: Connect with professionals and resources for holistic health and wellness.

  • Establish Healthy Boundaries: Set clear boundaries with family, friends, and healthcare providers about your postpartum body and baby care.

  • Smart Baby Registry Choices: Discover which items are essential for breastfeeding and which aren't worth the investment.

  • Holistic Postpartum Care: Make informed decisions about nutrition, physical activity, and ergonomics for your postpartum body.

  • Community Connection: Engage with a supportive network of women sharing similar experiences.

  • Embrace Parenthood: Navigate the transformative journey into parenthood with confidence and support.

New Mom? How Prepared Do You Feel?

Having a baby is a big deal. Your hopes and dreams for the life you will create for your family are a big deal. We get that!


That's why Breastfeeding Bootcamp offers you the information and skills you need to make informed decisions about not only the breastfeeding stage but well beyond that as baby grows and new parenting challenges arise.

Learning to feed your baby is an opportunity to practice tuning in to yourself and your baby, which are foundational skills for creating a peaceful, collaborative home. 

The Founders Note

Emily Stone  |

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Welcome to a journey of empowerment and holistic care. As a mother of three, I've experienced firsthand the challenges of birthing and breastfeeding, each time feeling like an unguided DIY project.


Recognizing the limitations of traditional, medicalized prenatal support, I embraced a holistic approach that values the mind-body-spirit connection in nurturing new life.


With over 15 years dedicated to creating effective online courses, I've infused Empowered Breastfeeding Bootcamp™ with compassion, comprehensive information, and ongoing support.


This program is my heart's work, born from conversations with countless mothers who wished they had these resources earlier. Together, we're pioneering a new norm for maternal care, empowering you with the knowledge and tools for your unique journey.


Let's reshape the future of breastfeeding, making holistic, informed care the standard for the next generation. Your feedback is invaluable in this mission.


Welcome aboard!


Allison B.

I think the course is fantastic! I would recommend it to any expecting and new moms. I have already had breastfeeding experience with two babies, but I still learned a lot of helpful information. I wish it had existed before my first baby! 

Try Before You Buy

Free Breastfeeding Course Preview

  • Do I really need a class to teach me how to breastfeed? Won’t I just figure it out?
    Yes, it is possible to successfully breastfeed without taking a class, but the truth is the majority of new moms struggle with one or more breastfeeding issues and knowing what to expect and how to prevent or address issues can make a huge difference in your postpartum experience.
  • Will I still need to work with a lactation consultant if I take breastfeeding bootcamp?
    You might! Oh my goodness, we love lactation consultants. Our courses are not meant to replace their just-in-time, hands-on expertise that can be invaluable for troubleshooting a specific issue or confirming an effective latch and milk transfer. By taking Breastfeeding Bootcamp you will have a better idea of when to contact a lactation consultant for targeted support, and you will be able to prevent and troubleshoot many common issues on your own.
  • Can I learn as much from an online breastfeeding class as taking one in-person?
    It certainly depends on the class and the instructor but many new moms find an online course where they can go at their own pace, revisit videos, and refer back once baby arrives much more valuable than a one-and-done in-person class.
  • What topics will be covered in the Breastfeeding Bootcamp?
    Breastfeeding Bootcamp will cover a broader range of topics including: latching, holistic choices, nutrition, mental health, relationship health plus more! These topics are what differentiates the course from other traditional breastfeeding classes offered by a hospital.
  • Should I take a breastfeeding class if I’m not sure I want to breastfeed?
    We think so! Breastfeeding Bootcamp will help you understand the range of baby feeding options and the benefits and challenges of breastfeeding, so you can make an informed choice. You’ll also learn about postpartum nutrition, mental health, relationship health, and pelvic floor health, which is relevant no matter what your baby feeding strategy ends up looking like.
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