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Live Event for Pregnant & New Moms in Brighton, MI

Our first live event is happening!! The vision for a pregnant and new mom community circle is a long time in the making. Really it extends back to my own experience as a brand new mom almost eleven years ago. A very special person named Lindsey Marcus had the inspired idea to start "Cheers For Moms" in Chicago--where everyone knew your name :) I can't and don't want to think about what if I had to navigate new momhood without that wonderful group. I went to my first meetup when my baby was six tiny weeks old. It was our first adventure out of the house, just us, except for doctor's appointments. Anxieties driving to the meeting place, Little Beans play cafe included: Breastfeeding in public?? Did I pack enough diapers and outfit changes?? Will I make friends?? Do I look like a zombie?? My fears immediately disappeared when I joined the literal circle on the carpet, spreading out my muslin swaddle blanket, and laying Max down for tummy time next to two other newborns. The mom next to me with the 8 week old was SO WISE, she knew everything I needed to get through the next two weeks! She taught me I could prop baby up on the Boppy for a less intense tummy time. Nice! We all compared notes on sleep, breastfeeding, birthing--like we'd known each other for years. I made mom friends that day, and at subsequent events, who became my trusted tribe. I watched similar friendships blossom all around me. I'm guessing Lindsey built the group she wanted to see in the world :) and luckily it was the group we all needed as well. From Chicago to Brighton with love -- let's build the group we want and need.



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