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Parenthood, Breastfeeding, and the COVID Generation: A Collaborative Approach with Cara Tyrell

How do you navigate the challenges of parenting and breastfeeding while keeping your sanity intact? Join us as we welcome Cara Tyrell, founder of Core 4 Parenting and conscious parenting coach, as she shares her passion for advocating for the "COVID generation" of kids and her unique approach to collaborative parenting.

In our heartfelt conversation, we delve into Cara's emotional breastfeeding journey, starting with the heartbreaking experience of managing her mother's milk after her first daughter was stillborn. We discuss the importance of fostering a strong connection with our children from the very beginning, setting the foundation for their social and emotional growth. We also explore the challenges Cara faced when breastfeeding her second daughter and the difficult decision she had to make for her own well-being.

Beyond the personal stories, we dive into a range of topics, from empowering children through celebrating their successes to navigating the digital age and supporting the COVID generation. Cara offers practical tips and strategies for collaborating with our kids and fostering a sense of pride and motivation in them. Tune in to gain insight into how we can better connect with our children and support their growth and development.

About our guest:

Cara Tyrrell, M.Ed, a Vermont based Early Childhood Educator, Conscious Parenting Coach, and the founder of Core4Parenting. She is the passionate mastermind behind the Collaborative Parenting Methodology(™), a birth-to-five, soul and science based framework that empowers parents to maximize their child’s early learning while raising fantastic human beings who succeed in school and life. While teaching preschool and Kindergarten, she noticed her students knew their ABC’s and 123’s, but struggled with their social, emotional, and interpersonal skills. At drop off, parents would say, “We’re so glad that you are their first teacher”, but she knew she wasn’t -- their parents were! This realization led to her professional pivot as an online Early Childhood Parent Educator and Coach.

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