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Pelvic Floor & More with Jenn from Tighten Your Tinkler

Hey, ladies, you'll want to tune into this episode. Typically we don't talk about pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, birth injuries or incontinence out loud. But how in the world are those suffering in silence going to find the right help if we don't talk about it??

It was such a privilege to sit down with Jenn Lormand and soak up all her knowledge and passion for the work she does. Jenn and her business partner Christina Walsh have a combined 36 years of experience supporting women through prolapse, diastasis recti, and more. The Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy featured their holistic protocol that helps women relieve pelvic floor issues, and they have turned that protocol into their Signature Program, which can be completed in the comfort of one's own home. Jenn & Christina are on a mission to show more mamas what’s possible for their health while honoring their dignity, time, and season of life.

I had not thought about the impact of breastfeeding posture on a nursing mom's body, including pelvic floor health, but Jenn has thought a LOT about this and shares incredibly valuable insight and tips that I WISH I had when I was nursing babies hunched over in a chair for many hours/day.

In addition to sharing her personal experience with birth injury and breastfeeding, Jenn drops some super valuable knowledge bombs on Breastfeeding Ergonomics.

  • The number one positioning mistake Jenn sees nursing moms make that causes more pee leaks, urgency, and other pelvic floor problems.

  • How lack of shoulder stability from improper technique can lead to the dreaded “neck hump” and/or rotator cuff injuries.

  • Three easy-to-implement techniques moms can start using today to correct their feeding posture (plus how moms should hold their phone to prevent a rounding of their back).

Jenn did not come to the podcast empty-handed, in fact, she has SO MUCH for our community.

Use Coupon code SPILLTHEMILK for $50 off your purchase of either Healing from Home or their Signature Program, learn more at And you CAN pay with your HSA or FSA card if that’s helpful!

In addition, be sure to download these awesome free resources today:

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