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Time to Woman Up & Pitch!

I LOVE Shark Tank. I could watch hopeful entrepreneurs use cheesy puns to make Mr. Wonderful smirk But's MY TURN to be in the Shark Tank! (Sort of, smaller scale, but still). Thursday, March 23, I will be delivering my pitch to a panel of business professionals, along with 9 other women from Southeast Michigan, to fund MY entrepreneurial venture. This is the dream!

I'm so grateful to Michigan Women Forward for running this program. The experience of meeting the other finalists, attending a Business Communication workshop, and working with my mentor has EXCEEDED my expectations. Applying to the competition has already been a net positive, and winning $$ to fund marketing and new product development would be a GAMEchanger for Empowered Bumps and Boobs.

Register here to watch this mini Shark Tank LIVE March 23 at 5:30pm!



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